Posted Tuesday January 31, 2017 by Dylyn Naidoo



CHILD WELFARE Durban and District (CWDD) cares for children who have been abused, neglected, orphaned or abandoned. The prevalence of baby abandonment in our society is a reflection of the very stressful social circumstances in which so many find them. Too often, families carry a high burden of illness and bereavement as well as unemployment, lack of housing and poverty. These circumstances are further aggravated by other social problems, such as family conflict, family violence and substance abuse and so forth. Under the circumstances, family support systems become stretched to the limit, leaving young women particularly vulnerable, should they experience an unplanned pregnancy. Some may lack knowledge about available resources which may offer support and others may simply lack the confidence or the financial resources to reach out for this assistance.

CHILD WELFARE Durban and District’s Specialised Adoption Department Social Workers and Intake Social Workers assist with these cases. The babies are then cared for in crisis homes while their cases are being investigated. Should the baby’s family not be traced, then adoption may be considered and facilitated if this is considered to be in the particular baby’s best interests.

Where a baby is in need of adoption, the mother should ideally be involved in the planning for such placement, together with an adoption social worker. If impossible, it is still preferable for the baby to be brought to the attention of a social worker rather than being abandoned in traumatic circumstances, such as occur in recent events. A birthmother, who is unable to keep and care for her baby herself, can at least then have the satisfaction of knowing that she has played an important role in ensuring the safety and good care of her baby.

We at CWDD therefore appeal to women who are feeling alone and considering abandoning their baby to rather seek assistance and support services in ensuring a good plan for their baby is met and that Birth Mothers are made more aware of the services that can assist them and are informed that there is help out there to assist them during these difficult times. We have 7 sub-offices within Durban to ensure that our services are convenient for those needing them.

For more information, please contact:

Jasu Jagjivan: 031 312 9313 or email: info@cwdd.org.za

Or Visit our website: www.cwdd/resources/adoption.org.za