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You can now hire the William Clark Gardens / Othandweni Child and Youth Care Centre Hall for your functions. Be it for a baby shower, birthday party, family gathering or even a wedding. The hall has a capacity to accommodate 150-200 people. The newly renovated Hall provides the perfect ambiance for any event you are hosting. Our hall has a kitchen area which is furnished with a wash basin and a fridge. Tables and chairs are available upon request.

Viewing of the hall can be done anytime between 08:00am-04:00pm, weekdays or weekends. Unfortunately due to the location of the hall, no open fires or alcohol is allowed on the premises.

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    Child and Youth Care Hall Hire

    You can now hire the William Clark Gardens / Othandweni Child and Youth Care Centre Hall for
    your functions. Be it for a baby shower, birthday party, family gathering
    or even a wedding.
    The hall has a capacity of accommodating 150-200 people.

    Viewing of the hall can be done
    anytime between 08:00am-04:00pm, weekdays or weekends.

    Principles & Regulations

    The Principles and Regulations for Venue Hiring set out conditions for the hire and utilisation of William Clark Gardens/ Othandweni Child and Youth Care centre hall of CHILD WELFARE DURBAN & DISTRICT. The purpose is to formalise venue hiring application requirements; standardise conditions of use and apply hire fees consistently to similar organisations. These Principles and Regulations are specified to underpin the booking and use of venues to provide the framework in which the bookings are administered.

    The Income Development Department in coordination with the manager of William Clark
    Gardens/Othandweni Child & Youth Care centre are responsible for the central management and
    booking of the venue.

    • CWDD: CHILD WELFARE Durban & District
    • CYCC: Child & Youth Care Centre
    • Event: refers to a meeting, lecture, function, workshop, conference, which may be held at the hall
    • Hire fee: refers to the charge levied for use of a venue but which does not include additional charges for setup, additional security and use of audio visual equipment which may be levied
    • Once off booking: occasional event that takes place
    • Overhead recovery: refers to a charge levied to contribute to indirect overheads related to use of venue after hours, namely electricity and cleaning This charge is incorporated in venue hire charges so is only applicable where hire charges have been waived.
    • Recurring booking: event for which the venue is booked on repeated occasions in a calendar year
    • Refundable deposit: refers to an amount charged over and above the stipulated hire fee, which is retained in the event of damage to the organisation’s assets

    These principles and regulations apply to all external hiring of the Hall.

    • The conditions of use and procedures set out in these Principles and Regulations for Venue
      Hire apply to all venue hire of CWDD Halls.
    • No event may take place in the venue, without first applying for use of such a venue. All
      venues will be available on a first come, first served basis.
    • The Income Development Department in co-ordination with William Clark Gardens/Othandweni CYCC’s Manager’s office is responsible for the booking of the Hall for both internal & external events
    • Venues may be booked by external bodies’ functions, venue booking charges will apply
    • The booking offices must be notified of all bookings for events made by any CWDD departments to avoid potential conflicts;
    • There shall be no booking charges for CWDD events.
    • Hire fees for the use of Hall is a source of income generation and all income generated accrues to CHILD WELFARE Durban & District
    • For all hire outside of normal working hours except for bona‐fide CWDD purposes where venue hire charges do not apply, an overhead recovery charge will be levied to contribute to costs of electricity, security and cleaning.
    • Hire fees are charged at a rate approved by CWDD
    • Where the hirer of the venue derives income from its use, hire charges should not be waived.
    • Right of access is reserved and CWDD reserves the right for any authorised officer to enter
      the hired facilities at any time;
    • Users are required to indicate on the application form when a VIP will be attending an event, for Risk Management Services of such attendance
    • Events may be cancelled where emergency repairs are required at short notice. In such cases, the booking fee will be refunded in full when an alternate suitable venue is not available.

    • All bookings by external parties should be made to the booking office at least five (5) working days in advance, unless there are exceptional circumstances;
    • Confirmation of bookings will be done in writing and must be concluded two (2) working days in advance of the event;
    • The venue/s allocated shall only be used for the purposes and times that have been granted;
    • The hirer shall have no claim for damages against CWDD or any of its officers or staff arising directly or indirectly from the hire of the facilities arising, negligence included, by any person, including any member of the public attending any event;
    • No CWDD equipment shall be removed from any venue;
    • When venues are used for functions or meetings/seminars where refreshments are served, the person who has booked the venue is responsible for making appropriate arrangements for the venue to be cleared and cleaned after the function;
    • The user shall comply with the rules and regulations of CWDD and instructions by an authorised CWDD official. The user shall designate a person to act as the responsible person for the function;
    • The hirer may not sub‐let, cede, and assign any of its rights / obligations under this agreement;
    • No events involving noise and / or amplified sound may take place in open areas during business hours
    • The number of occupants in the venue must at all times be restricted to its maximum capacity, and overcrowding shall not be allowed;
    • The user must ensure that the conditions of use are complied with and there is no damage to CWDD property;
    • The cost of any damage which might occur whilst the venue is being used will be for the account of the hirer;
    • The hirer shall provide and maintain, as far as reasonably practical for the duration of the
      event, an environment that is safe and without risk to those attending or participating in the event. The hirer should also comply with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Any incident falling within the scope of the OHSA that occurs during the event, for which the CWDD venue is being used, must be reported
    • Any illegal activities that take place in the venue within the duration of use must be reported
    • The following are not permitted: smoking inside venues, fire‐arms, dangerous weapons and
      explosive substances;
    • Alcohol will not be permitted in the premises
    • Any signage / advertising to be erected by external users must be approved in advance by
      CWDD and must be removed directly after the conclusion of the event;
    • Violation of any of the regulations, may lead to action being taken by CWDD against the

    • The Income Development Department & Management of the William Clark/Othandweni CYCC Hall is responsible for implementation of the Principles and Regulations for Venue Hiring
    • All users are required to complete the respective application form, acceptance of these
      Principles and Regulations for Venue Hiring conditions and where relevant an indemnity form. If venues are used on multiple occasions, during any calendar year, only one set of documentation need be completed.
    • For external bookings, a copy of the identification document of the responsible person must be provided.
    • CWDD does not have a back‐up generator. Should there be electricity outages or emergencies beyond our control, such as load shedding, flooding, severe weather conditions, etc., affecting any event, CWDD cannot be held responsible.
    • Organisers are required to provide details of their setup, security and audio visual requirements on the application form.
    • Users requiring the use of audio visual equipment provided in the venue or specifically arranged, must make arrangements directly with the service provider.
    • CWDD will not to provide office support services such as photocopying and telephone use to those who have hired the venue.
    • Hirers must exercise caution and adhere to safety norms with regard to decorative candles and ceremonial fires and are responsible for any damage caused.

    • The hire fees are approved by the organisation and are reviewed annually (refer to the Fee
      Structure document for information on current fees).
    • Hire fees are payable for different booking periods as follows:
      • Once off booking: at least five (5) working days in advance of the event. However, in exceptional circumstances where the venue is booked at short notice, the hire fee is payable immediately.
      • Recurring booking: at least five (5) working days before the end of the preceding month.
    • Hire fees do not include charges for setup time. If hirers reserve setup time prior to the event, this will be charged at the prescribed rate (refer to the Fee Structure)

      • Refunds for cancellations will be given as follows:
        • 100% for cancellations made by CWDD
        • 100% for cancellations made at least five (5) working days before the event;
        • 50% for cancellations made at least three (3) working before the event;
        • No refund will be given for cancellations made within two (2) working days of the event;
        • All refunds will be processed by CWDD within a period of thirty (30) working days.
      • Bookings will be automatically cancelled if payments have not been received within:
        • five (5) working days for once off bookings
        • five (5) working days before the end of the preceding month for recurring bookings

        • Payable in addition to the hire fee
        • Refundable deposits are charged at 10% of the cost of the reservation fee and are payable
          within ten (10) working days after the booking has been confirmed by CWDD
        • No interest will accrue on refundable deposits held by CWDD
        • The full deposit will be refunded for any booking cancelled by CWDD
        • Deductions may be made from refundable deposits, for specific cleaning and if there is any
          damage to CWDD property. Such deductions will be at the sole discretion of CWDD; and
        • Deposits, either in full or the balance after any deduction, will be refunded within a period of thirty (30) days.