Awareness Programmes by Isipingo Team

Posted Thursday September 08, 2016 by Dylyn Naidoo

Awareness Programmes by Isipingo Team

Parenting  Programme

Held at Isipingo SAPS Service Point: To equip the community with parenting skills

Parenting Prog - Isipingo Parenting Prog03 - Isipingo 22-24 Aug

Information and Awareness Programme

Held at D Section Hall Umlazi: To create community awareness about CWDD’s services (Ikamva Project)

Awareness Prog02 - Isipingo 27 Aug Awareness Prog01 - Isipingo 31 Aug

Woman’s Day Programme

Held at Lamontville / Isipingo Office: To honour the foster mothers as women who are the pillars of strength within the community

Womens Day03 - Isipingo 31 Aug Womens Day04 - Isipingo 31 Aug

  Womens Day05 - Isipingo 31 Aug