Driving Education One Litre at a Time

Posted Thursday October 01, 2015 by cwdd

Driving Education One Litre at a Time

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” -Nelson Mandela

Litres for Education are an innovative initiative that offers the everyday South African an opportunity to support their local school, charity or community project. By supporting your local donor LFE service station you will be supporting your chosen beneficiary every time you fill up.

Litres for Education is an educational trust which was formed to enable people to reward a selected school through their monthly fuel spend.Through registering with an approved Litres for Education service station and linking your membership to one of the partner schools, a portion of your monthly fuel spend will be given back to the school.

To Register or to find out more about L.F.E please visit the website at www.litresforeducation.co.za/

How Does It Work?

  1. Selected Petrol Service Stations join and donate to the LFE Trust.
  2. Charities and Schools join LFE as Beneficiaries for free (e.g CHILD WELFARE Durban & District)
  3. You (the motorist) sign up and nominate a beneficiary of your choice, which in this case will be CHILD WELFARE Durban & District.
  4. You use LFE member service stations when putting in fuel.(A list of participating petrol stations will be provided)
  5. For every litre of your petrol purchase, 10c goes to your chosen beneficiary(CWDD)
  6. After registration, you will receive a disk to display on the windscreen of your car (disk holders are available and will be distributed upon registration).
  7. There is NO cost involved. You do not pay more for your petrol. All that happens is that you are using the listed participating petrol stations.

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