Poem for William Clark Gardens/Othandweni CYCC

Posted Thursday June 01, 2017 by Dylyn Naidoo

Poem for William Clark Gardens/Othandweni CYCC



The place of opportunities
The place of hope
The place of dreams
The place of experiences
The place of laughter
The place of love
The place where you find yourself

It is the place
That will always be in our hearts
WILLIAM Clark Gardens is a place for every young
child who needs a home , who needs love ,
Who needs that closure
Who needs a mother , a father, siblings
And a Life

William Clark Gardens ,you are the future,
You have changed impossibilities to possibilities
You have changed hatred to love
You have made us see the light through the dark
You have changed negatives to positives

It is indeed the unforgettable place
This is what I call a HOME